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Part record label, part art project dreamed up in an unfinished basement in Central NJ.

Since 2011 our goal has been to use outside the box ideas to create unique and collectible vinyl experiences that thoughtfully showcase the actual music on them. Music is at the heart of everything we do and Creativity is what drives us.

In 2017 we refocused our in-house services to offer on-demand printing and merchandise solutions for bands, brands and small businesses. Allowing our clients to order what they need - when they need it, eliminating additional inventory created and wasted when ordering manufacturer minimums.

How I started a Record Label in my parents basement

If it weren't for Penfold's"Our First Taste of Escape" I probably would have never started this label. I had gone to see them so many times during High School, in basements, churches, vfw's... The memories I have that - that band basically played the soundtrack to, gave them a permanent place in my heart. And in my head I think this all was originally going to be a one and done kinda thing to put out that record.


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· By Kristyn Potter

Meet the Team: Kevin

How you got started with IntheClouds Dan and I have been friends since college. We were both in the music industry program. The first time I can remember meeting him was when he got kicked out of the department’s annual welcome meeting for new students. He was a character. Now they invite him back every year to inspire students - go figure. I watched Dan slowly grow ITC into “a thing” over the years and really admired him for it. He was passionate about the bands and the music, he pursued it because he loved doing it. Total DIY mentality....


· By Dan Marter

Meet The Team: Emma

How did you get started with intheclouds? I was interested in product management so I reached out to Kevin who I used to work with at Sony. He needed help with customer experience (my background) so he approached me about sharing my expertise in exchange for learning how to build and manage a product.    Super rad. What's your favorite band of all time? Alabama Shakes    The band or artist you love that everyone else seems to hate (or a band you hate that everyone seems to love): I can't get into The Used. I've tried, but they are not for...


· By Kristyn Potter

Meet the Team: Nunzio

How you got started with intheclouds? I play bass in the band OWEL and we’ve worked on a few releases and other stuff with intheclouds. I was working directly with Dan behind the scenes on that, so later on when I was making moves to start my own artist development company I approached him to see how we could collab on some stuff. We met over some dope burritos and he presented me with an opportunity to take my ideas to intheclouds and help build an Artist Services division.    Favorite band of all time  I can’t say there’s just...


· By Kristyn Potter

Meet the ITC team: Steve

Leading up to our big 7 year anniversary—coming later this month—we wanted to do a series of posts on the people behind intheclouds, making the magic happen. The site was just Dan for the longest time, but he's brought in some rad people along the way. First up, meet Steve ...   How you got started with intheclouds:  Kevin had approached me about using my photoshop & design skills to help them set up the images and help intheclouds offer more services, such as logo design and album art, to artists Favorite band of all time:  Slipknot The band or artist...


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