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Ear Buds: Indian Summer Interview

By Kristyn Potter

Ear Buds: Indian Summer Interview
Not going to lie, it's super rad that our founder's old buddy from college and another friend started this sick festival - Indian Summer & Asbury Park Fall Bazaar. It happened this weekend, but amongst all of the planning and festival craziness, Joe from Indian Summer chatted with me on the fest, his friendship with Dan, and some advice for bands.
Alright, so it's kind of crazy you started a festival with your buddy - I can barely even get up and out of bed for work on time, how did you do it? 

Once the Anchors Bend got city approval to have a section of the beach as part of the bar, my buddy Colin said "Dude, we should put bands out there!" From there he came up with the name Indian Summer and we booked the bands we played in as well as our friends bands and our friends to DJ and there it went. The first year was a ton of fun and VERY DIY. I remember giving the security guards for the bar whatever cash I had in my pocket to help us load the sound and gear down onto the beach. It was... a learning experience!! But probably the most fun one of all of them.
After doing some heavy stalking of you on the internet, it seems like your whole professional life has been working in various parts of the music industry - wanna give a brief description for our readers?
HAHAHA Yup! Careful what you choose to get into folks, gets real hard to get out of.... I can trace it back to one moment. I was a sophomore at Rutgers and just got back from a Rugby game (I played for 3 years while at Rutgers) and went to my uncle Bill's house in downtown New Brunswick. He was a very successful prosecutor and someone I always looked up to. So I would try to go have dinner or a beer or whatever I could with him to pick his brain. I remember being on his balcony with blood in my ear and I think a broken nose  from my Rugby game that day and he asked me, "Joey why don't you just focus on the music thing? You don't have to go into law or anything you don't want to do..." It was soooo obvious but something that never clicked until then.. From there I interned at Universal Records in Manhattan and started my journey in music... for better or worse! From there, worked and interned for both reputable as well as not so reputable companies across a lot of different facets of the industry, management/booking/label/PR/marketing/radio and video promo/live venue/music rags/radio show/live sound/tour manager/doorman/bartender/talent buying....
Anything in the music industry you absolutely loved?
When I was younger, the free CDs and tickets to shows. The older I got, being able to to help in even the smallest of ways, a band or artist who was trying to make their living in music. The little victories were as important as the big deals that got done.
It's been five years of running this festival, have you noticed anything over the years and/or how have you grown through this?
I cannot believe it's been five years. Time flies the older you get. I think our biggest success was to partner with the Asbury Park Bazaar (which my wife runs) and to include camping on the beach (which we did not want to do at first, so we can't take credit for that one. Was all from the AP Boardwalk staff, they were right about adding it and deserve all the credit). It has made Indian Summer more.... balanced, and more then just some music festival. Aside from that, on the music side, my partner Colin curates all the music and he has always done a great job of bringing in some amazing talent from the local scene as well as from around the country. Dude knows his music.
Is Asbury Park your home?
Sort of. New Brunswick was always my home. But I moved to Asbury (3rd Ave) basically on a whim one weekend in 2008. Then I moved in with my girlfriend (now wife Jenny) in Neptune in 2010. We sold that house and lived in Lavallette for a year and now are back in  our new house in Shark River Hills (Neptune) since March of 2018. So we are about 10 minutes away from the downtown. We both work in Asbury and hang in Asbury so we basically call it home though! 
What are you doing when you're not planning this rad music festival/event?
Working all the time!!! hahaha No, but I help my wife with the Bazaar, I play in a band (The Vice Rags, and yeah I won Top Dummer in the Asbury Park Music Awards 2018... NBD....) work on the house and take our dog Edith on trips whenever we can. Bartend one night a week at Bond St. Bar (last remaining original bartend there... yeah Im old) and try to cook dinner and do laundry from my pregnant wife (baby is due Indian Summer / Fall Bazaar weekend... yup...)
Any advice for bands trying to get their music heard?
Play as much as possible (shows AND practice). Just be you and work hard AF. The rest comes with the hard work. Be yourself and honest and don't try to be something your not. There is SO much music out there but, I think, it comes down to people wanting to make a REAL connection with music. The lyrics, the performance everything. It's not easy and that's why there is only a handful of bands who make it to that next level. So try to have fun and enjoy the ride... Let the rest fall into place. 
You and Dan (ITC founder) go back for quite a while, what's your favorite Dan memory?
There are SOOOOO many, most of which I can't even talk about.... So let's just say, when he was the Eyeball Records mascot (full big black boxy suit, like a sports team mascot) at SXSW in like 2007. At the time he was (and I love to remind him of this), my intern when I worked at Degy Ent. the first time around. I was down there for for and he was tour managing our friends The Gay Blades but also earnign extra cash dressing up as this mascot walking around sixth ave. (That's right kids, you ALWAYS gotta find that side hustle, no matter what it is!).
Orrr, maybe it was at his wedding where he walked out with his mom to QOTSA "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar But I feel Like a Millionare" and his mom booty dropped and twerked up on him when it kicks in!!! hahahha was amazing. (that's also probably my favorite song if that were a question here...)

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Interview: America Part Two

By Kristyn Potter

Interview: America Part Two
We chatted with our boys Asbury Park-band America Part Two about how they met, their influences, and things coming up on the radar (other than the cassette). 

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Ear buds Interview: latewaves

By Kristyn Potter

Ear buds Interview: latewaves

Success to me would be that all the work and suffering (yes as fun as trying to make it in a band is, suffering is a huge part of it) that we put ourselves through reaps happiness and an amazing journey that we’ll never forget.

So stoked to have so many awesome bands included in the February Ear buds Cassette mixtape, and in advance of the mixtape being released/shipped, we wanted to show some extra love to the bands--and also give you a chance to get closer to the bands, and discover some new things about them. 

First up, we've got this killer interview with Asbury Park band latewaves. Check it out below! 

latewaves - how did you come up with the name/what does it mean?

ah, the name is always the craziest thing. you have to name the band before you get to see what you become. we’re from Asbury Park, NJ (a beach town) and we enjoy hanging on the beach late at night. after a few variations we came up with “latewaves” as an ode to our favorite activity in our hometown.

How did you guys get your start?

I (Mikey / guitar, vocals) found myself in a bit of a rut. I had a few songs/ideas I wanted to hash out, and my fiancé’s sister (Shawna / drums) and I always had a pact that we’d start a band if we found ourselves in the right situation. I was free and waiting tables, she had just finished college, so she moved down to wait tables too and write a record with me. We rented a storage unit turned rehearsal space a few miles down the road and wrote our first EP Partied Out. We recorded it with our good friend John Ferrara (Trophy Scars) at Portrait Studios in North Jersey. Since there are at least 80 guitar tracks on each song on the record we decided we’d at least need a bass player. So our good friend Howie in a similar situation joined us on stage. Happy to say although we hold the storage unit dear, we’re in a climate controlled building now and really psyched on the new stuff we’ve been writing.

Who writes the lyrics or is it a collaborative effort?

For Partied Out, I (Mikey) wrote the lyrics- it was about trying to find a light at the end of the tunnel. The fun thing is that nothing on the record says I’ve found it yet, and actually ends on a somber note. Now that we have a full band we all build and collaborate off each other on our new stuff.

Something your fans don't know about you ...

Let’s see, Shawna started out playing in metal bands and although we’re on a single kick pedal for latewaves- if we gave her a double she could rip some dirty breakdowns.

Howie - after the first night of practice we hung out on the porch all night and he had just worked a 12 hour day at two different jobs prior so I woke up a text from his girlfriend with a picture of him literally passed out at his kitchen table with his head in a plate of food and her caption was “what did you do.”

Me (Mikey) - in my last band I had a pizza delivered to me on stage... I forgot I ordered it before I went on and my friend Nick, from Night Riots, went the guy on stage to bring me the pizza and I signed the receipt on the back of some kid in the audience.

That's hilarious! Speaking of, what's the best show you played?

It’s hard to say. I’d say when we co-headlined with Can’t Swim at the wonderbar in Asbury and capped out the venues capacity on a Monday it was absolutely thrilling as it was in the early stages of us playing live. But just recently we played Arlene’s Grocery in NYC and got an amazing response from the crowd. This is huge to me because NYC crowds are renowned to be tough as nails to win over. It’s no offense to them; they live in a city where something amazingly exciting is literally happening all the time so to get a reaction from them was huge to me.

What did you grow up listening to?

My holy grails were the first three records my older cousin gave me in 96': Weezer’s blue album, Green Day’s dookie, and Rancid’s and out come the wolves. They turned me into a little asshole running around screaming punk rock and gave me such a fun childhood. I didn’t get into the Beatles. Led Zep, or the Stones til college because my parents were never into music so I found what I could from my peers. 

What does success look like to you?

This is a fun question because I have been making, or at least trying to take, positive steps in my life, and that is a huge existential question I ask myself every day. I am trying not to hold up my expectations of success and accomplishment to other people’s accomplishments. I think success is a road and not a destination. Success to me would be that all the work and suffering (yes as fun as trying to make it in a band is, suffering is a huge part of it) that we put ourselves through reaps happiness and an amazing journey that we’ll never forget.

Any advice for other bands trying to get their music out there?

Songs come first. Keep it about the music and nothing else. Everything else will follow.

Finally, if you could play anywhere in the world, where would you and why?

I wanna play overseas; UK, Spain, places where I need to buy special adapters to plug my amp into. Simply put; because how exciting would it be to fly and travel to a place you’ve never been to and know barely anything about and play your music?

Thanks to latewaves for the sick interview!

Pick up their debut ep "Partied Out" Via Panic State Records

Check them on tour (dates below):

2.23 Tuscumbia, AL @ The Shed
2.24 Nashville, TN @ Beehive
2.25 Erie, PA @ Basement Transmissions
2.27 Tonawanda, NY @ Stamps 
2.28 Manchester, NH @ Bungalows
3.01 Taunton, MA @ The Shop Underground
3.02 Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds
3.03 Amityville, NY @ Revolution Music Hall
3.04 Scranton, PA @ Levels
3.05 Asbury Park, NJ @ Wonder Bar

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Artist Interview | Athletics

By Kristyn Potter

Artist Interview | Athletics

So on top of the Athletics release we've got going for Black Friday (tip: goes live at midnight), we also had the pleasure of talking to the very humble, and very talented Jimmy on what the band has been up to, awesome fan moments, fun facts about the guys and upcoming music.

Check it out below! 

Congrats on the 7 year anniversary of your debut album - how does it feel?

We can’t believe it has been that long. We were lucky enough to record “Why Aren’t I Home?” for free after signing to our college’s record label. We had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people that helped us get it done, and Greg Dunn of Moving Mountains mixed and mastered it beyond our expectations. Deep Elm Records put it out, and a ton of people started reaching out to us. We were beyond grateful that people took the time to listen to it, and were able to build so many great relationships with other bands we’ve met along the way. It feels crazy to think about the past 7 years and try and put it into words.

Any good memories from that album that you want to share?

We have been lucky to work with some really talented people. Since we are all best friends beyond the band itself, just hanging out and playing music is such an escape from the day to day. We’ve done a bunch of smaller tours, met some amazing people, and have had laughed way too hard. Riley Breckenridge from Thrice wrote about “Why Aren’t I Home?” on his blog. I (Jimmy) am a huge Thrice fan so that really blew me away. We recorded it during overnight sessions which was awesome. I’m sure the sleep deprivation added some weird element to the record somehow. We also had some of our friends do some guest vocals on the record - Adam Moulter and Elliot Belokostolsky. 

What’s the craziest (or funniest) fan story you’ve experienced?

A few people have Athletics tattoos. That is neither crazy or funny, but it is awesome. It is cool to know that we’ve done something meaningful enough for someone to have a permanent reminder on their body. We are honored. 

Ok so we have to ask, what has been your favorite INTHECLOUDS Athletics release?

Dan Marter is the master of crazy vinyl ideas. I’m a huge fan of the WAIH? heat sensitive jacket. I feel like you get the music, you get the artwork, and you also get an experience. Everything Dan has done has been cool in that way.

You're gonna make Dan blush ... Ok, most rewarding thing about being in a band?

Spending time with your best friends doing something you are all equally passionate about and empathizing with people through music.

Least favorite thing?

I don’t personally have a least favorite thing, I love being in a band and all that we’ve done. It feels like a family.

Let’s talk about some other projects/bands you’re working on …Ghost House, Latewaves, etc. what was it like switching gears for other projects?

We all listen to so many different types of music, so it’s nice to branch out. We’ve met so many talented musicians that we just end up intertwined into different bands. John is basically a band all on his own, which rules (check it out - Brotherless.) Howie currently plays bass in latewaves that just dropped a record called Partied Out. Zach, Howie, and I were in Ghost House with a good friend of ours Erik and put out a record called Sorry About Everything

Anything coming up that you’d like to share/promo (NEW ALBUM????)

I will say that slowly but surely new material will be on the way. We have probably 8-10 demos tracked. We’ll keep you posted!

Ok, random question: I’m currently reading the Bruce Springsteen memoir, ‘Born to Run’ - have you read it? Thoughts?

I’ve never personally read it, but I am a fan of memoirs in general. He definitely paved the way for a ton of artists in the Asbury Park area.

Finally, (this one is for the fans) tell us something that few people know about you.

Alright, here are some “fun” facts about each one of us. Garrett was on the album cover of Tony Bennett’s “The Playground” as a kid. Google it, it is worth it. Zach owns and operates his own business called Shear Revival - check it out! I have a Legend of Zelda themed half sleeve. Howie could pass as Kevin from American Pie any day of the week. John is a coffee connoisseur and also has done the majority of our artwork, layout, and designs. 

Any last thoughts or things you want to say?

In all seriousness, thank you! Thank you to everyone that gave us a listen, believed in us, worked with us, played shows with us, or even just hung out with us. We appreciate you. 

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