Vinyl On-Demand App

Sell vinyl records directly to your fans without the upfront cost of pressing vinyl with the intheclouds Vinyl On-Demand app for Shopify. Just upload your jacket artwork and audio files in the app to create the album as a product in your Shopify store. When your fans buy your record we'll cut it to vinyl on-demand and ship it directly to them. Take back valuable time to focus on making music and marketing your brand, we'll handle the rest.

How It Works

This app is for Shopify merchants. Don't have Shopify? We can create trial store for you.

Our builder tool makes it easy. Just upload your artwork and audio files, then set the price and description.

Every time you sell an album we create it on-demand and ship it to the customer directly.

Beta access available

Unlock new source of direct sales on Spotify with intheclouds vinyl on-demand integration


Sell Your Album On Vinyl on Spotify

That's not a typo. Our app is for SHOPIFY which integrates with SPOTIFY, allowing you to sell your vinyl record on your Spotify Artist Page.


The Vinyl On-Demand app lets musicians sell their music on vinyl directly to fans. You upload your cool artwork and songs, and the app magically turns them into a vinyl product in your online store. When someone buys it, the app makes sure the vinyl gets made and sent to your fan.

The app is free to download. We get paid when someone buys a record from your Shopify store.

This app means musicians can sell vinyl without paying a bunch of money upfront. You save time and cash, which you can use to make more music and share your awesome tunes. The app handles the making and sending of the vinyl.

Nope! You can make just one vinyl record at a time. It's like getting a pizza delivered when you want it, but for music lovers.

Absolutely! You can design how your vinyl looks, like picking what it wears. Your style and brand will shine through, making it unique.

Fans choose how they want their vinyl sent, and the cost depends on their shipping choice. We make sure it's affordable for them, so they can enjoy your music without breaking the bank.

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Yes! The app has a friendly support team ready to help you or your fans with any questions or concerns. They're like your music buddies, here to assist you.

Absolutely! Our vinyl is made with individual care, since it's made when someone orders it. You'll get a fantastic quality vinyl that sounds awesome.

Yes, indeed! Whether you're just starting out or already have a bunch of fans, this app is for you. It's like having a tool that grows with you and helps you share your music in a cool way.