Meet the Team: Kevin

How you got started with IntheClouds
Dan and I have been friends since college. We were both in the music industry program. The first time I can remember meeting him was when he got kicked out of the department’s annual welcome meeting for new students. He was a character. Now they invite him back every year to inspire students - go figure.
I watched Dan slowly grow ITC into “a thing” over the years and really admired him for it. He was passionate about the bands and the music, he pursued it because he loved doing it. Total DIY mentality. I did my part to support the cause buying records, sending him opportunities, coming out to shows for new releases... but in 2016 he told me he wasn’t sure he could keep it going and I told him I wanted to do more. I put together a proposal to take some work off of Dan’s plate. It started with a relaunch of the website. I pulled in help from a former colleague from Sony, June Lim, to help with the redesign and asked my roommate Rich Chu to do the coding that was over my head. From there things just started to snowball. 
Favorite band of all time
The band or artist you love that everyone else seems to hate (or a band you hate that everyone seems to love)
The band “issues”. I know they’re all the rage with the kids so I guess I’m officially old.
What you do for intheclouds
I focus on business growth. I’ve been pulling people in, adding processes and collaboration tools, doing SWOT analysis, and serving as product owner of the eCommerce systems.
What you do as a day job
Product Owner at NBC Universal and Principal of Profyts LLC.
Something very few people know about you
I listen to Jazz on Sunday mornings because it makes me feel like an adult... not sure why. It’s just background music for cooking breakfast or reading the news but it elicits a mood that I can’t reproduce on a weekday or even Saturday.
Last song you listened to
Post Malone “Congratulations”


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