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Ear buds Interview: La Bête Blooms

By Kristyn Potter

Ear buds Interview: La Bête Blooms

La Bête Blooms’ single ‘Take Arms’ is a rallying cry to the world, delivered with northern wit, fizzing synths and scratchy feeding back guitars—and it was a no brainer to put it on our March cassette curated by Left Bank magazine. 

We chatted with the band on their v. punk track, what making music in Hull, England is like, their favorite band, and what's to come ... (p.s. they are giving away some cassettes for free, go to their FB page to get in on the action).


For all the northeners pretending to be southern - I'm from the U.S., so not entirely sure if this is a jab or just a general fact. Care to explain?


Haha yeah I guess that line won’t make any sense to anyone not from the UK!

When I was growing up, everyone would head down South in England, because it felt like the only way you could make a good career in anything creative, I’ve often been told to move to London if i want to take the band seriously. 

That line is to all the friends that realised down south isn’t the be all and end all and have come running back to us!


Ok, glad we got that cleared (sighs deeply) - how did you guys (and gal?) meet/form?


Every band member has their own projects and bands they’re a part of, I just nicked them and made them join mine too! We’ve had loads of different members over the years, and I’ve made some friends for life. this lineup though, I wouldn’t change for the world. 


Your favorite band(s)

Everyone likes completely different stuff but I’ve made the whole band agree to say we like Pixies, I might have to get us all matching pixies tattoos just to make sure.


Can't go wrong with Pixies tattoos ... So, whats it like making music in Hull? Any advantages or disadvantages that come to mind?


People’s perceptions of Hull in England is that we’re a dead end city.

But the past ten years has seen a massive renovation project in the area including Hull being given the City of Culture title.

We have some amazing venues, great sport, and Hull people are the sweetest in the world.

Hull has an amazing defiance, honesty and self deprecating humour which I hope sweeps through in our music.


If you could play anywhere in the world, where would you play? (including you know, like Outer Space)

I’m a scaredy cat so hate travelling anywhere without the band. But I’ve wanted to visit Tokyo all of my life, I’m hoping that opportunity to play there with the band is possible one day.

Having said that we’d all absolutely love to visit the states one day too.


Yes come visit us in NYC/NJ! Any recent videos/tracks/etc you want us to share?

If you could share our latest single ‘take arms’, which features on the cassette that’d be amazing!



Any upcoming shows?

We head to London’s Lock Tavern in July. We hope to tour England this September! 


Your favorite line of all time?

‘I’m hanging on a ledge and your fine spiderweb is fastening my ankle to a stone’

Leonard Cohen - So Long Marianne


What do you do when you're not making tunes?

Josh is an actor, Emily’s a student, Jack serves up burgers at McDonald’s, John DJ’s Beyoncé songs all night for money and I promote gigs in Hull, make hot chocolate for everyone in the office and Co-book a festival we have here called Humber Street Sesh!


 Have your parents been to a show/heard your music and what do they think?

My Mum and Dad come to a lot of hometown shows, before I could drive my Dad would drive us across the country for gigs! They’re the best parents in the world, and really supportive although I think my Mum would wish I’d tone down the crazy at some of our gigs sometimes.


Great segue ... any memorable fan moment or stories?

We’ve had an unbelievable response to Take Arms, and had some really amazing comments from people online and at shows who says the song resonates with them which is the most incredible feeling. 


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5 Minutes with Left Bank Magazine Editor

By Dan Marter

5 Minutes with Left Bank Magazine Editor

We sat down with our friend (and resident blog writer at INTHECLOUDS) to discuss this month's cassette tape. In her spare time (which we aren't too sure how she manages to have free time) Kristyn is also Editor of Left Bank magazine, an international art and music blog, and helped curated some artists and tunes for April's Ear Buds Mixtape.

How’s it going? Let’s start with the cassette tape - nice artwork!

Thanks! But I can’t take the credit, it’s by Anton Vitkovskiy, a Russian artist who is based in Bushwick. He’s got this perfect mix between Basquiat and Picasso, and really vibrant colors. It’s super expressive and I felt like it worked with the music really well.



Speaking of the music, how did you find the bands?

I actually came across most of them on the music platform we use for getting new submissions (cuz my email was getting a little out of control, not gonna lie). It’s called Submithub and they basically work with bands all over the world, so I came across Champyons, Canshaker Pi, and La Bête Blooms that way. TREADS reached out to us after a FB post. So I can’t hate Mark Zuckerberg TOO much.

I think when I was talking to INTHECLOUDS about this, I mentioned how I’m going to Berlin in a few weeks and so originally I wanted only Berlin bands, so I could meet them, take pics etc. but then other bands started rolling in, and I realized I wanted it to be more broad.


So how did you go about getting deciding the tracks?

That was kind of the easy part—they were all in the process of promoting certain songs, and TREADS actually gave us a brand new track that isn’t available anywhere. Seriously they finished recording and mixing and emailed us the final version, which I thought was amazing. It was all very organic and working with the bands has been awesome.

Where are the bands from?

Yeah! So actually we got a really good mix of bands: Champyons is from Berlin, TREADS is from Brooklyn (actually the lead singer was in Whiskey Bitches fun fact), Canshaker Pi is from the Netherlands, and La Bête Blooms from Hull. Their sounds all work together—very loud and in charge, with a little shoegaze mixed in thanks to Champyons

Finally, anything coming up we should know about?

Thanks for asking! Yeah we are putting out another zine soon, I’m working with this talented designer Erika Briggans-Jones who did the last zine. And Erika, myself, and this AMAZINGLY TALENTED photographer Cory Rice are in the process of putting together a nude art show and coffee table book. Keeping things weird for sure.


Thanks again to Left Bank for partnering with us for April’s Cassette! Check out their site here.

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