Meet the Team: Nunzio

How you got started with intheclouds?
I play bass in the band OWEL and we’ve worked on a few releases and other stuff with intheclouds. I was working directly with Dan behind the scenes on that, so later on when I was making moves to start my own artist development company I approached him to see how we could collab on some stuff. We met over some dope burritos and he presented me with an opportunity to take my ideas to intheclouds and help build an Artist Services division. 
Favorite band of all time 
I can’t say there’s just one favorite but Saves the Day has been there for me since I first started playing in bands and was a big influence in that respect. 
The band or artist you love that everyone else seems to hate (or a band you hate that everyone seems to love)
I love Steely Dan forever but I feel like they get a bad rap for some reason. 
What you do for intheclouds?
I’m the Head of Artist Services. In a nutshell, I handle the services that we offer (duh) which include radio/press campaigns, artist development, Create-A-Store, etc. I build stores for bands who sign up for CAS and work with them directly. I’m also the in-house vinyl mastering engineer, so I work in my home studio to master audio and optimize it for the lathe cutting process. 
What you do as a day job
I'm a paralegal at a law firm in NYC. 
Something very few people know about you 
I’ve got narcolepsy. Sure it sucks, but I sleep like a damn rock. 
Last song you listened to
Happy Machines by From Indian Lakes


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