Meet The Team: Emma

How did you get started with intheclouds?

I was interested in product management so I reached out to Kevin who I used to work with at Sony. He needed help with customer experience (my background) so he approached me about sharing my expertise in exchange for learning how to build and manage a product. 


Super rad. What's your favorite band of all time?

Alabama Shakes 


The band or artist you love that everyone else seems to hate (or a band you hate that everyone seems to love):

I can't get into The Used. I've tried, but they are not for me. 


What specifically do you do for intheclouds?

I ideate ways to improve and optimize customer experience. 


What is your day job?

Customer Success at an edTech company. 


Something very few people know about you ...

I’m a DJ


Last song you listened to?

Something by the Beatles 



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