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News: In Between

Ear Buds: Wilder Sons "In Between"

By Kristyn Potter

Ear Buds: Wilder Sons

We've got a very early Friday surprise for you from the homies Wilder Sons. Their new EP is hitting the interwebs and world tomorrow but in advance of that we've got the title track off the EP, and it's just dripping with nostalgia.

“In Between” is the kind of song you bump on repeat when the long drive home has you daydreaming of what was, is, or could have been. It’s sentimental, catchy, and elegantly performed.

The chorus blossoms while his melodic chant asks the age-old question if you can ever truly return “there again”? As your summer vacation comes to a close (RIP summer, what is life?), In Between fits cozy, nestled within your end of summer playlist. 

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