Vinyl Test Press Auction

Every once in a while we like to do some house keeping and offer up some of the Test Press vinyl we have in our personal collection. For those that aren't aware, Test Press records are the first vinyl made at the factory and used to evaluate the quality of the disc before mass production begins. We only order 5 copies of the test records and they are usually just sent to the bands for approval and if any left over kept internally, but we think it's time for some of these to find a new home.

I understand how important some of these albums are to a lot of you guys, it wouldn't be fair to just offer them up to the "fastest finger" who can click through... and probably end up just flipping on ebay. So instead we are hosting out own Test Press Auction where for the next few days you can place a bid on any of these rare vinyl.

Auctions end Throughout the day this Saturday, Sept 28th. 
For a full listing of albums available click HERE 


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