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So on top of the Athletics release we've got going for Black Friday (tip: goes live at midnight), we also had the pleasure of talking to the very humble, and very talented Jimmy on what the band has been up to, awesome fan moments, fun facts about the guys and upcoming music.

Check it out below! 

Congrats on the 7 year anniversary of your debut album - how does it feel?

We can’t believe it has been that long. We were lucky enough to record “Why Aren’t I Home?” for free after signing to our college’s record label. We had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people that helped us get it done, and Greg Dunn of Moving Mountains mixed and mastered it beyond our expectations. Deep Elm Records put it out, and a ton of people started reaching out to us. We were beyond grateful that people took the time to listen to it, and were able to build so many great relationships with other bands we’ve met along the way. It feels crazy to think about the past 7 years and try and put it into words.

Any good memories from that album that you want to share?

We have been lucky to work with some really talented people. Since we are all best friends beyond the band itself, just hanging out and playing music is such an escape from the day to day. We’ve done a bunch of smaller tours, met some amazing people, and have had laughed way too hard. Riley Breckenridge from Thrice wrote about “Why Aren’t I Home?” on his blog. I (Jimmy) am a huge Thrice fan so that really blew me away. We recorded it during overnight sessions which was awesome. I’m sure the sleep deprivation added some weird element to the record somehow. We also had some of our friends do some guest vocals on the record - Adam Moulter and Elliot Belokostolsky. 

What’s the craziest (or funniest) fan story you’ve experienced?

A few people have Athletics tattoos. That is neither crazy or funny, but it is awesome. It is cool to know that we’ve done something meaningful enough for someone to have a permanent reminder on their body. We are honored. 

Ok so we have to ask, what has been your favorite INTHECLOUDS Athletics release?

Dan Marter is the master of crazy vinyl ideas. I’m a huge fan of the WAIH? heat sensitive jacket. I feel like you get the music, you get the artwork, and you also get an experience. Everything Dan has done has been cool in that way.

You're gonna make Dan blush ... Ok, most rewarding thing about being in a band?

Spending time with your best friends doing something you are all equally passionate about and empathizing with people through music.

Least favorite thing?

I don’t personally have a least favorite thing, I love being in a band and all that we’ve done. It feels like a family.

Let’s talk about some other projects/bands you’re working on …Ghost House, Latewaves, etc. what was it like switching gears for other projects?

We all listen to so many different types of music, so it’s nice to branch out. We’ve met so many talented musicians that we just end up intertwined into different bands. John is basically a band all on his own, which rules (check it out - Brotherless.) Howie currently plays bass in latewaves that just dropped a record called Partied Out. Zach, Howie, and I were in Ghost House with a good friend of ours Erik and put out a record called Sorry About Everything

Anything coming up that you’d like to share/promo (NEW ALBUM????)

I will say that slowly but surely new material will be on the way. We have probably 8-10 demos tracked. We’ll keep you posted!

Ok, random question: I’m currently reading the Bruce Springsteen memoir, ‘Born to Run’ - have you read it? Thoughts?

I’ve never personally read it, but I am a fan of memoirs in general. He definitely paved the way for a ton of artists in the Asbury Park area.

Finally, (this one is for the fans) tell us something that few people know about you.

Alright, here are some “fun” facts about each one of us. Garrett was on the album cover of Tony Bennett’s “The Playground” as a kid. Google it, it is worth it. Zach owns and operates his own business called Shear Revival - check it out! I have a Legend of Zelda themed half sleeve. Howie could pass as Kevin from American Pie any day of the week. John is a coffee connoisseur and also has done the majority of our artwork, layout, and designs. 

Any last thoughts or things you want to say?

In all seriousness, thank you! Thank you to everyone that gave us a listen, believed in us, worked with us, played shows with us, or even just hung out with us. We appreciate you. 


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