Artist Services - Holy New Packages

We are stoked to announce we've got new packages available for bands looking for a little help on the press and/or production side.

Basically for a set price, our team works magic on Press and/or Radio campaigns, there’s an Artist Bootcamp for new and emerging bands just starting out and needing some tips on social media and digital distribution, etc. And, we also offer a Vinyl Mastering service as well.

I know everyones got some last minute Christmas shopping to do, and stalking Google Flights for that flight you should’ve gotten three weeks ago (no sweat I literally just bought mine yesterday) but if you’re in a band or have friends who are artists, check out this link to learn how we can help spread some love for your band in the new year (and hopefully put some more $$ in your wallet).

Cuz no one is getting rich off of selling buttons at the merch table. 

You can also send an email to if you want to chat with our team on packages and making something work for your budget.

Happy holidays everyone, kick ass in the new year!


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