Last Minute Gifts for Music Lovers

It’s the week before Christmas and I haven’t done any shopping whatsoever. I figured there might be a lot of you out there who are in the same boat as me, so I trolled the internet for some gifts that would be great for Christmas and are on sale (or have a reasonable price). Enjoy and happy holidays!


Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable - $100

This is the one that I have at home (in green) and it plays really well, sounds great, and although I wouldn’t call myself a novice, some of my friends are and the automatic start/stop feature is great for people who have never handled a record player.


Bluetooth Speaker String Lights - $50

This is more of a gag gift or maybe stocking stuffer, but these are kind of cool and definitely bring the holiday spirit to anyone who uses it. Which I would consider a win.



Clear Cassette Player - $38

Say what you will about Urban Outfitters, but the cassette is making a comeback and while they (UO) tend to be really kitschy and ridiculous sometimes, I would consider this a great buy. The price is great, and for those of us who grew up with these, its really nostalgic but with a contemporary edge. (Also check out the clear cube bluetooth speaker for $18).



Marshall Major II Headphones - $56.33

I absolutely love the sleek and nostalgic feel of these headphones—they come in black and white—and are a good alternative to the Sennheiser and Bose headphones.


In the Clouds NJ-Bound & Down Tee - $10

A little shameless self promotion but these shirts are awesome! Comfy, gritty, and more importantly local, they are a better alternative to band tees and are also a great conversation starter.




Charlie Brown Christmas LP - $21.99

Come on this is a classic! A perfect gift for all ages (I’m thinking of getting this for my little niece to get her started early) you really can’t go wrong with this present. And it looks like if you order soon, you'll get it for Christmas.


Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen memoir - $14.42

Just finished reading this book and it's by far one of my favorite memoirs I’ve read and one of the best books I’ve read this year (I’ve read about 30 and this is easily in the top five). His story from literal rags to riches is incredible, and the book is written with humor and humility. A must-read.



The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - $15

This is a little of a stretch, but if you’ve got a friend who has Sabbath and Minor Threat or the Ramones in heavy rotation, this would be a good gift for them. Or really for anyone who lives in New York.

Speaking of New York …


Meet Me in the Bathroom - $18.35

There’s nothing better than a dirty, gritty story of rock in NYC. And it arrives before Christmas: win.



Anker Bluetooth Speaker - $24

With 24-hours of playtime and superior sound (seriously the reviews are awesome), this speaker is perfect ... and it arrives before Christmas.


Daft Punk Discovery Era Ornaments - $45

Saving the best for last, these ridiculously overpriced but still well worth it Daft Punk ornaments. Because, Daft Punk. 




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