All printed jackets and center labels for Custom Vinyl orders are required to be submitted using our templates. Not using our templates will result in delays completing your order.

The artwork files should be created using Adobe Photoshop, but you can use Illustrator or other Photo editing program. If you need help using the templates we suggest including our Artwork Setup service with your order.

Instructions for Photoshop 

  • Download the relevant template - for 5” records, use the 7” template
  • Open the downloaded file in Photoshop
  • Import your images into the Photoshop file: go to “File” and click “Place Embedded”
    IMPORTANT: Make sure your images are on top of the template so that they cover the “Back and “Front” labels on the album.
    If this isn’t done properly, the blue writing will show up on your final product. You can verify this in the “Layers” panel usually found on the bottom left. Your image should sit on top of the template here.
  • Resize and position the image to your liking. Make sure it covers the print area, including the bleed, but does not have any relevant information extending into the bleed because it may get cut off. Note: the tabs on the top and bottom will be hidden so you do not need to worry about what ends up in that area.
  • Once everything is positioned to your liking, go to “File” click “Save As” and save it as a PDF. After you click “Save” you will be directed to a second window to define the export quality. We recommend selecting “High Quality Print” and make sure all the options below are deselected.

    Once everything is exported to a PDF, your image is ready to print!





Center Labels: DOWNLOAD




Create-A-Store Artist Profile Image: DOWNLOAD