can't believe we've been at it for six years already... Shit's BANANAS! i think i say this every year, but really, every year we get to continue to do this is awesome and makes us appreciate you all even more. we've logged a lot of hours over the years to get to this point so for anyone who's cared enough to buy a record, shared a link or gave a shit in some way.. THANK YOU! 

Anyways.. Happy 4.20 and welcome to our new website: INTHECLOUDS.io 

This site has been a few months in the making, but a long time coming. Everything we've ever done has pretty much been DIY including our websites, but after our old site crashed during the Rare Futures vinyl release from visitor overload we knew changes needed to be made. Luckily we know people that know more about that shit than we do and linked up with our buddies at Profyts, who (as you can see in the footer) helped augment the shit out of this.. it's still a work in progress so thanks for living with some bugs while we work them out, but i think life is about making shit happen, so we did... if you see something wack, let us know - or if you have any suggestions send them over too!

Well, counting this last one - i've successfully written "SHIT" 6 times in this blog post, 1 for each year. I think I've done my part. Take a look around, make yourself at home... throw your feet up on the couch. Enjoy.


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