INTHECLOUDS: Access Tokens

Our goal with our Access Token NFTs is to connect more closely our supporters and reward early adapters to our first NFT PROJECT. We’ve been following the groundswell of excitement surrounding NFTs for the past year and 1/2 to begin to develop new ways it can be incorporated with music.

“It seems in some circles ‘NFTs’ kinda have a weird stigma, but I think that’s from people not understanding the potential. The more I dig into thing, this Project has actually become the first thing I’ve gotten this excited about since I started making vinyl. As we continue to build everything out I think Access Token holders will begin to see the bigger picture and level of power they hold. From new music, exclusive with live streams, limited vinyl offers, behind the scenes content and more.” - Dan Marter

For our first drop we will be using SINGLE MUSIC a Solana based application that also easily integrates into our existing Shopify store. We hope this will allow customers who are interested to more easily explore and purchase without fully needing to understand blockchain or crypto.