Artist Services

Artist Services

For years, intheclouds has been focused on helping artists - and now we’re taking it a step further.  We’ve built up an experienced team, pooled together our resources, and we’re excited to now offer a full line of Artist Services to help accelerate your career. 

Below are just a small portion of the services we offer. We will be rolling out additional services and packages in the near future as we continue to develop, but for now you can take advantage of any of the below services at our low introductory rates.

Send us an email at to discuss our packages and we will work within your budget!

Artist Bootcamp

Artist Bootcamp (Month-to-Month Subscription)

Struggling to get your feet off the ground? We can help! Our Artist Bootcamp program is a preliminary course for new or budding artists who are in need of getting set up with the basics, including: launching social media networks, preparing your music for digital distribution and sale, designing logos/artwork, and working to identify and target your fan base. This program is ideal for musicians who need some guidance on how to get started, where to best devote time and resources, and how to continue to grow and gain an audience. We will work with you to help you create your presence and start earning fans quickly. With unlimited email support, you’ll have an Artist Services representative working with you to all along the way.

Radio Campaigns

Radio Campaigns

Our main goal when it comes to working with musicians is to help spread your tunes to as many ears as possible. With that in mind, we’ve designed our radio campaigns as a perfect way to provide a huge push to your music – whether you’re promoting a new release or even giving new life to a prior catalog that hasn’t gotten the love it deserves yet. With a reach of well over 300 college, community-based, and other non-commercial radio stations throughout the United States, Canada, including select international locations, our campaigns will help keep up the momentum of your release and plant the seeds all over the map – all with the added bonus of a personally assigned ITC Artist Services representative to keep you updated along the way.

It works like this: our team will handle packaging and mailing your CDs to a set number of radio stations tailored to your musical genre. The number of stations involved in the campaign is based on the package you choose. Over the course of this 9-week campaign, our team will conduct weekly follow-ups with each station and provide you with reports based on the stations’ responses and feedback. Our reports will demonstrate how your tracks are faring at each station, including number of plays, frequency in the rotation, listener feedback, and, if applicable, the CMJ charting position.

To get started, shoot us an e-mail and we can design a custom package that works for you and within your budget! Once you’re enrolled, we’ll start gathering your music, informational one-sheet, and any other goodies you’d like to send along to the stations. If you don’t already have a one-sheet prepared, we can help out with that!

[additional fee applies]

Press and Public Relations

Press and Public Relations Campaigns

We already know that your music is great – but don’t you want everyone else to know it, too? Getting your music into the right hands and creating public awareness is key to generating the buzz that you need to shine. Our team will pitch your music to various publications and critics - both national and indie – all customized to fit your brand.  We’ll work hard to obtain great press opportunities for you, including:

  •      Full feature articles, interviews, and showcases
  •      Album reviews
  •      Live performance reviews
  •      Mentions of upcoming releases or live performances
  •      Local and hometown press for CD release shows and other events
  •      Regional/national press along tour routing
  •      International press

Our press campaigns include presentation to 50 (or more) publications, hand-picked to fit your identity and genre. Once you’ve enrolled, we’ll work with you to get your music ready to package together with an informational one-sheet, and any other goodies you’d like to send along to the recipients. If you don’t already have a one-sheet prepared, we can help out with that! [additional fee applies]

Before getting started, an important thing to note is that press results will vary based ultimately on how much the publications enjoy your music. Our goal is to maximize the number of positive reviews and features that you receive, so we will work with you to pick those publications we think would be an ideal fit and also have a high chance for success. We’re confident that we can put together an appealing pitch for your music to get the results that you deserve.

Shoot us an email at or fill out the form below to let us know what you need!