Radio Campaign

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Our main goal when it comes to working with musicians is to help spread your tunes to as many ears as possible. With that in mind, we’ve designed our radio campaigns as a perfect way to provide a huge push to your music – whether you’re promoting a new release or even giving new life to a prior catalog that hasn’t gotten the love it deserves yet. With a reach of hundreds of college, community-based, and other non-commercial radio stations throughout the United States, Canada, including select international locations, our campaigns will help keep up the momentum of your release and plant the seeds all over the map – all with the added bonus of a personally assigned ITC Artist Services representative to keep you updated along the way.

It works like this: our team will handle packaging and mailing your CDs to a set number of radio stations tailored to your musical genre. The number of stations involved in the campaign is based on the package you choose. Over the course of this 9-week campaign, our team will conduct weekly follow-ups with each station and provide you with reports based on the stations’ responses and feedback. Our reports will demonstrate how your tracks are faring at each station, including number of plays, frequency in the rotation, listener feedback, and, if applicable, the CMJ charting position.

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