Album of the Week - August 19, 2022

This week is all about the custom jacket art and some of the Custom Jackets rolling off the printer were pretty amazing. 

Thought I'd take the time to share a few of them with you guys. Since there was no music w/ the jackets I decided to use an AI writing tool to generate short stories about each of them based off our descriptions.  

Also - if you have an idea for a jacket you'd like to make we can run off you're prints here:


When their owners went out for the night, two dogs were left behind. They both knew that they weren't allowed to go out, but they also knew that there would be delicious dog bones waiting for them if they could just get their hands on them.

So, the two dogs came up with a plan. They would dress up in their best costumes and go trick or treating around the neighborhood! They were sure that no one would give them any trouble if they looked so cute.

And it worked! The residents of the neighborhood were more than happy to give the two dogs some treats as they went from house to house. In fact, the only thing that made the night better was when they finally found a house with some dog bones waiting for them on the porch. What a treat!

"There once was a cowboy named Pitney Chumble who was the least strange of all the cowboy boys. He always did what he was told and never caused any trouble. His parents were very proud of him.

One day, Pitney's parents decided to take him on a cattle drive. They were going to drive their cattle from Texas to Montana. Pitney was excited for the adventure.

The journey went well for the first few weeks, but then things started to go wrong. The cattle got spooked and started running in all directions. Pitney's parents were able to get them under control, but they were so angry with their son that they sent him home immediately.

Pitney was heartbroken. He had always wanted to be a cowboy, but his parents had ruined everything. He decided to run away and join a traveling circus instead."

Minty Fresh was feeling extra spry today. In fact, he felt so good that he decided to write some fresh raps. He bounced around his apartment, rhyming and brushing his teeth with a smile on his face.

"My rhymes are so minty they could clean your mouth with every verse!" he exclaimed, before grabbing his backpack and heading out the door.

He arrived at the rap battle arena just in time for his match against Gingivitis. Minty Fresh was determined to win – after all, nothing beats a fresh set of raps!

The battle commenced, and it was clear that Gingivitis wasn't prepared for Minty Fresh's lyrical assault. His rhymes were sharp and witty, leaving Gingivitis stumped. In the end, Minty Fresh emerged victorious – thanks to his impeccably clean lyrics!


The house of the devil was in a bind. He had fallen behind on his mortgage payments and was now facing eviction. He had no choice but to leave the only home he had ever known.

He wandered the streets for days, homeless and penniless. He soon found himself befriending a rotting deer corpse. The two of them would sit together on the side of the road, sharing what little food they could find.

The house of the devil couldn't help but feel grateful for his new friend. Even though he was rotting and stank to high heaven, he was still alive. And that was more than he could say for himself.

Well.. That was interesting. AI is wild.

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