Album of the Week - August 12, 2022

How is it's the middle of August already?! The heat was a little less brutal at the shop this week - but the vinyl we cut was straight 🔥

Every week is a musical adventure, this week brought us a nice mix of some upbeat synth pop and mellow acoustic jams. Here's a little highlight on some of the records that we made and the guys who made them.

The Stolen - Fragile Heart
10" Lathe Cut Vinyl via

"O.G. Day 1 guys... I love the Stolen. Very cool to work on this release for them. Just saw their reunion show last week in Asbury. This album stole my heart" - Alex

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"I got to cut a lot of Hearts this week, Thanks to everyone who ordered one!" - Ryan

Have Your Seen this weeks Forecast?

Also wanted to shout out a few people who went out of their way to spread positive vibes on the internet. Glad to see there's still a few of you out there.

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Until next week.. 

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