New Custom Picture Disc Records

Since we started INTHECLOUDS as "part record label, part art project," creating Custom Picture Disc Records seemed inevitable. Back in November, I found a second-hand printer on Marketplace and thought a bit of TLC and elbow grease would get it up and running quickly. Seven months later, it's finally working again! I'm happy to say after seeing how these come out, it was worth the effort.

This is a pretty cool milestone that celebrates our roots and sets the stage for future innovations. We're excited to keep exploring new ways to blend these creative worlds, pushing the envelope and redefining what it means to experience music.

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It’s easy! Head over to to start your order. Simply upload your artwork and audio files, and our team will handle the rest. We’ll meticulously craft your Picture Disc, ensuring that both the sound and visuals are top-notch. Whether it's a personal project or a special gift, our custom discs are a perfect way to showcase your unique blend of music and art. 

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