💧 Drip. Drop. Ya Don't Stop - New Music Mixtape

Throughout the month of March we will be including a new music mixtape as a gift with purchase of every custom vinyl record made on our website. Not only does this CD LOOK 👀 like vinyl, but also includes 4 songs carefully curated to showcase the diverse sounds and styles of our local talent... cause New Jersey's just the fucking best.


Featuring Music from:

Why are you guys doing this?

Good question... and honest answer is because we can. We've been INTHECLOUDS since 2011, part record label - part art project. We're fortunate enough to say we get a decent amount of custom vinyl record orders each month and wanted to think of a way to thank our customers. I think it gets harder for talented artists to stand out in a world where doom scrolling is so easy. So adding these mixtape Drips in with each order is our way to hopefully help get cool music in the hands, ears and ❤️ of some new fans.

Do I have to buy a custom record to get one?

Nah.. I mean, we'd like you to obviously [insert shameless sales link] - that's why we are using them as gift with purchase... but we're also sending promotional copies to each of the bands and linked out to their socials above. Feel free to slide into their DMs, maybe they'll send you one when they come in. I'd suggest offering them a few bucks or something for shipping.

Will you be making more of these?

One day at a time bruuuuther. For now it's *While supplies last. 


DROPS. is our new digital playground made to bring you collaborative merch projects from like-minded artists, for fans who like cool shit. We have a couple things in the works, but our goal is to "officially" launch this spring, so there will be more details to follow.. but for now if you visit and sign up for the mailing list we'll send more info when we think you're ready for it.

What if I don't have a CD player?

You can listen to the expanded playlist of this compilation, along with other tunes we dig on Spotify.

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