You Me & Everyone We Know : I Wish More People Gave A Shit

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I've always had a personal connection with YMAEWK. Each album's semi sarcastic and straight to the heart lyrics seemed to perfectly sum up where I was at during that time. The songs helped me accept we're all a little fucked up, and it's ok. I was first introduced to Ben a few years back and we had loosely discussed releasing this EP but it was also around the same time "Dogged" was coming out and my focus was more of a blur... shortly after Ben decided to dissolve the band and nothing ever panned out.

Fast forward to this past summer, I was listening to a Podcast Ben did with James Shotwell and heard him discuss his new found focus on health.. which again, strangely reflected where I'm at... By the end of last year I was in a pretty shitty place. Felt I needed to take the time to focus on trying to clean up my life, take better care of myself and family.. ya know.. grown up shit... I haven't had a drink all year, and while I don't know if it's a permanent lifestyle change, it was much needed and probably the best decision I've made. I later reached out to Ben and thanked him for the inspiration to keep on course.. and the rest is.. well, this...

As Day 6 of the 12 Lathes of Xmas we will have 6 Copies of the record available here each day until December 12th. If it is SOLD OUT right now, come back tomorrow @ 1 pm est and try your luck again.

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