Unconditional Arms : Fever Basin 7"

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i've been a big fan on the american scene for a long time... even named one of our shirt designs after them... so like any true internet stalker i did some digging awhile back and found out their guitarist jeff had another band Unconditional Arms, who at the time had just released an album, kinship, dedicated to his newborn son... after giving it a listen, was pleasantly surprised how different the sound.

fast forward a year and a mutual friend introduces me to jeff and we start talking about doing something together for awhile.... back in april i had helped make a handful of jackets for a limited RSD release. we used that design concept for this run of limited edition lathe cuts 7"s... artwork printed on translucent velum paper, w/ screen printed art on the B-side of the vinyl...

sorry, I know 35 seems like a small number of vinyl to cut... but it's all the blank 7"s i have on hand at the moment, so best of luck.

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