Toothgrinder : Vibration/Colour/Frequency (Red/White/Blue)

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when I first got to know the guys in Toothgrinder there was an automatic respect for their DIY approach - recording their own music, booking their own tours, designing their own merch and standing out from other bands with a style of their own without any fucks to give.

we had talked about working together on a vinyl, but it wasn't until we discovered our common bond of patriotism that sealed the deal. Inspired by ol' glory we designed a jacket made of fabric - each hand cut, acid washed/tie-dyed, then sewn and screen printed... an ambitious design considering I had no idea how to sew. luckily my mom has an old machine from the 70's and the patience of a saint to show me how it works.

the vinyl itself is available in 2 colors and also has the cover art screened on the B-side

A Side:
Vibration | Colour | Frequency
B Side:
Screen Printed Art

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