The Gay Blades : Hurricane Boys 7"

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dem ROC Boys got nothin on dat Hurricane son! Over summer, after almost 2 years we finally dropped the highly anticipated 2nd LP from the Gay Blades, Savages... but while we were over here gluing, taping and shipping shaa boys were in the studio cookin up this new jam, for a good cause. 1st time all 4 Blades laid it down on 1 spot... like a Gillette Fusion razor... yea I got dad jokes... and "Clark" has a kid.. so hopefully he'll appreciate it.... idk i'm not a writer, after writing these for 12 days.. i'm out of wit. 

As Day 12 of the 12 Lathes of Xmas we will have 12 Copies of the record available here today. If it is SOLD OUT right now, you're beat.

Happy Holidays

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