Stepfriends : All We've Got

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you never know where you're going to find your next favorite band. in the case of stepfriends i woke up one morning with their music in my inbox... sending nothing more than a 3 song sampler and the humble mindset of friends of friends, becoming new friends... there was something about it that instantly drew me closer and i quickly learned i wasn't the only one.

the connection the band has with their friends and family became very apparent when they told me what they had in mind for the packaging. instead of setting up a kickstarter or something and charging people to be a part of the album, they opened it up to anyone who wanted to send in a picture to be included in a collage. the response was massive with a little over 1,000 photos sent in, which eventually turned into a 4 1/2 page spread... and a daunting task for any designer to tackle laying out... (ps. thanks to nader @ Labyrinth Clothing for all your help).

while the original idea was for this was to be a lathe only release, it would take forever to cut enough for everyone who wanted one, so we decided to offer a standard pressing offer as well which are currently in production. anyone who orders the lathe cut version will get a special personalized message from the band cut as a bonus track on the record. - every record comes in a custom gatefold jacket with inner 1/2 pocket to hold the vinyl.

Side A:  
scared to death | strangers, friends, and pictures | i know you | snow day | quiet place
Side B:
leaves | collide collapse | the open road | renovation | process

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