Penfold : Our First Taste of Escape (Blue)

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a few months back i went digging through my cd collection in the back of my closet and came across an old copy of penfold's our first taste of escape. i've been listening to it for so long on my ipod i actually forgot i even had a hard copy. i popped it in the stereo and started reminiscing about times spent in church basements and vfw halls... i started reading through the liner notes and found it so hard to believe it had really been 10 years since the album had come out.

after doing a little internet detective work, i was able to track down the band and see if they would be interested in re-releasing the album on vinyl. fast forward a few months and here we are with our most ambitious packaging to date.


this record was really one of the main reasons i started intheclouds. after our 1st pressing sold out, i immediately wanted to do a repress but things around here just snowballed so quickly it never seemed to happen. now here we are, almost 2 years later... i had reached out to the band about playing our anniversary show, i thought what better time to FINALLY get the repress together.

just to change things up a bit this time around, we're offering 2 new color variants and a new outer slip cover designed by penfold's own Brian Carley.

Side I: 
The Opportune Moment | Fate, Confidence and an Encounter | The Secret Nine
Side II: 
Human Drama | Sea of Crisis | Our First Taste of Escape
Side III: 
May I Have This Dance | The Sound of Jazz | Brilliance
Side IV: 
Kissing the Nightmare | Reflexivity | Early Morning, Maudlin Street

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