Palmas : To The Valley

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hello friends, meet Palmas. the latest addition to the fam. summer may be over, but you'd never know listening to these guys. after only hearing their 2 song ep, i found myself listening to their Spotify playlists on loop... so i interneted them and we started to shoot the shit... and hear we are.

for the packaging we wanted to make something that was clean and minimalistic to match the vibe of the music, what we ended up with is a nice fold over jacket with 4 different colored back covers, all hand stamped out of 100... 50 available through our store, 50 available if you catch them at live show. yes, i've literally listened to the record over 100 times in order to make these lathes available and I'm still not sick of it yet. hope you guys enjoy it too.

Another /50 were made for a limited time. /25 available on the store. If  you missed out the first time, here's a 2nd chance

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