OWEL : All I'll Ever Know 7"

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when OWEL released this B-side earlier this year I wasn't sure if I should be happy for new music, or upset I didn't know it existed. was sort of like finding out your best friend was dating your sister behind your back... ok, no... i'm lying, it's not really anything like that. we love these guys, and we will always welcome the opportunity to work with them again. Big thanks to Equal Vision for allowing us to give the song the vinyl treatment, if you have a chance check them out on tour (that kicked off yesterday) w/ northern faces... now what do we do about that new live album guys? 🤔

As Day 8 of the 12 Lathes of Xmas we will have 8 Copies of the record available here each day until December 12th. If it is SOLD OUT right now, come back tomorrow @ 1 pm est and try your luck again.

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