NO MACHINE : Volume One (Green w/ Orange)

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ever read that story about a guy who took a single red paperclip and traded it for a piece of paper, then took the paper and traded for a pencil... then traded that for something else ... and something else... eventually he had his own house? ... well i firmly believe thats a bullshit story... but at the same time seems to be the approach to every release we've ever done....

Back in August we put no machine's 5" single up for sale for 24 Hrs, not really knowing what to expect... The response honestly took me by surprise.... i mean at the end of the day, I'm just a dude in an attic making records... to see so many people step up and support the release really meant a lot to us... Now instead of taking the profit and going to chipotle we put it back into releasing the band's new EP.

inspired by the No Machine's music video, we designed a 7"x7" Lenticular print of a chick liking a nipple... reminiscent of young memories trying to sneak a peak of a blurry skin flick on cable....

Side A:
No Machine | Commercial Orgasm
Side B:
Get it Together | Welcome Home

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