Kaddisfly : Horses Galloping on Sailboats (DELUXE BOX)

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i took these down for a period of time because i nearly hacked off my thumb while making them when we originally released these last year... time heals all wounds, but it doesn't pay your medical bills.

The deluxe package is the ultimate collectors piece, encased in a wooded box with mirror flooring, which not only holds the record but also has a clock built into the inner lid to reflect a moment in time.. as the music was intended to be.

Each box is handmade by order and limited to 50. It comes with the Clear w/ White Splatter 12" & / Ultra Clear 10" vinyl inside a gatefold jacket.


The Architect | The Companion | The Middleman | The Traveler
The Watchmaker | The Painter | The Butcher | The Raconteur
The Guru | The Sage | The Author
The Apparition

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