Ghost House : Sorry About Everything (Beer/Bone)

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i like to look at intheclouds as part record label / part art project, so i'm always looking to find a new challenge to inspire an idea. last year, shortly after we put out a pressing of "who you are is not enough" some of the guys in athletics hit me up and told me about a new band they were putting together. after checking out their first show and already having some recording equipment, i thought it would be fun to help them record some demos... and honestly, it was fun... maybe too much, trying to crank out 8 songs over a 3 day weekend while getting "paid" in beer (which i took full advantage of)... the results were a little sketchy.

luckily they were able to take some ideas from the demos and bring them upstate ny, where they spent a week w/ paul from quiet country audio to record them properly. the results were more than i think anyone imagined. when i heard the final mixes we immediately started making plans for the release.

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