Custom Slipmat

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The high-quality slipmat is perfect for expressing your individual style and sense of creativity. It offers a fully customizable experience. Built with quality materials and constructed with precision and care, giving them a distinct look and feel from any other option out there. The mats include all the important features like anti-static fibers, noise-reducing felt pads, and robust density levels designed to help keep the record secured while playing - so you can start enjoying your listening experience the moment the needle drops. So don't let your sound system go stale! Add some flavor with a dynamically designed turntable slipmat made in-house by intheclouds!

Buying for someone else? - These make great gifts for anyone with a record player. You don't need to answer questions like, "Do they already have one of those things?" or "Is this the right one for their set-up?" - they are universal for all turntables and get swapped like the decorative throw pillows on your couch (yes, we just dropped some interior decorating knowledge).

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