Athletics : Who You Are Is Not Enough (Cup O' Joe)

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when i had first worked w/ athletics on why aren't i home? they had just finished recording their a new album - which they described as a concept record that was really 1 song broken down into 5 movements. i wasn't sure what to expect, i just remember thinking it seemed like a bold move... the album did not disappoint.

as we started to discuss pressing who you are is not enough i knew how much effort they had put into the album and wanted to find a way for the packaging to also reflect the idea of being 1 thing broken down into five parts. so i designed a package where the entire thing was cut, screen-printed, folded, wax sealed and numbered by hand.

a lot of sleepless nights went into the process of making all 300 of these by hand, so i wanted the vinyl color to reflect the things that really helped everything come together - coffee & booze.

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