Partly Cloudy

C r e a t i v e X C o l l a b s .
Pre-sell, market, and distribute your next project with the help of INTHECLOUDS.

Let's Clear the air.

This is how.

We are INTHECLOUDS and You are You. With our powers combined we are Partly Cloudy.

We're not here to be your record label. We're not here to be your manager. We're also not your mom....or your bitch. We are here to try and do cool stuff with musicians. If you're looking for someone to handle all the business aspects of your music career, you've come to the wrong place. But if you're looking for a team of passionate music lovers who are excited to help you make great art, then we might be a good fit.

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Partly Cloudy Member orders are usually fulfilled in about 12 days. Not including weekends, production is closed. 

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of course! we offer graphic design assistance if needed, but we'll add any design you want to send over

It's gonna cost Time, Money or Effort. The choice is yours.
We have a wide range of products and programs available at partner pricing for all Active Members. Sign up for our Mailing List for the most current price sheet!

Partly Cloudy is meant for

We process payouts for our collaborators at the end of each month, and we utilize the convenience and security of PayPal to ensure smooth transactions.

Creating mock up images of all products which you can view before they go live.

If you'd like to purchase Sample printed items for testing/promotional needs, I can also send an invoice for whichever items you'd like at the discount partner rate. 


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Partly Cloudy

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Making Merch

001: w/ Dan McCool of Pollyanna


Opening Act Package

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