Ear Buds Mixtape Vol. 7

Ear Buds Mixtape Vol. 7

INTHECLOUDS Monthly Cassette Mixtape - a collection of new artists you should get your ears on. We're super stoked to have this month's mixtape curated by New York rocker legends, Wheatus.

Sure, you remember "Teenage Dirtbag" but these folks have been up to so much more since then. Each track on this month's mixtape includes a solo or side project from each of the band's current members.

Also - if you haven't checked it out already, we recently sat down with Wheatus vocalist Brendan B. Brown and bassist Matthew Milligan for an exclusive interview. Give it a read here.

VOLUME 7 : November 2018
Gabrielle Sterbenz : Your Hands
MC Lars ft. Wheatus & Ash Wednesday : Don't Be A Cyberbully
Joey Slater : GOA
Karlie Bruce : Paperback Lover
Warm Body
: Kool
Janna Pelle
: Autopilot
The Dixie Dicks
: Feminine Top

Cover illustrations courtesy of: Amy Rowan Moffitt

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Everyone has a playlist today right?... i mean, I'm not knocking it, even we have one. it's easy. you hear a song like, tap a few times on your phone and it's there to pull up anytime. They're great, but to me there's just something about it lacks substance. 

So as a throwback we've started the Ear Buds Mixtape, showcasing a few bands each month that are doing big things and we feel deserve a little more than just getting lost in the shuffle of a playlist. Each cassette will also feature artwork from a new visual artist to promote and encourage continuous creativity in all forms.