Ear Buds Mixtape Vol. 6

Ear Buds Mixtape Vol. 6

INTHECLOUDS Monthly Casstte Mixtape collection of new artists you should get your ears on. This month is a special collaboration with the Indian Summer Music Fest in Asbury Park, NJ featuring bands playing this years Festival. Available below on our store and on location September 15th & 16th at Convention Hall!


VOLUME 6 : August 2018
Purling Hiss : Out Tonight
GODS : Wash
Heaven : Falling Hearts
Latewaves : It'll Be Fine
Birthwater : Costume Jewelry
Ecstatic Vision : Astral Plan

Artwork courtesy of: Captain Creates

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Everyone has a playlist today right?... i mean, I'm not knocking it, even we have one. it's easy. you hear a song like, tap a few times on your phone and it's there to pull up anytime. They're great, but to me there's just something about it lacks substance. 

So as a throwback we've started the Ear Buds Mixtape, showcasing a few bands each month that are doing big things and we feel deserve a little more than just getting lost in the shuffle of a playlist. Each cassette will also feature artwork from a new visual artist to promote and encourage continuous creativity in all forms.