Ear Buds Mixtape Vol. 5

Ear Buds Mixtape Vol. 5

INTHECLOUDS Monthly Casstte Mixtape collection of new artists you should get your ears on. This month and partnered with our favorite NJ radio station, 95.9 wRAT and Tom Hanley's Jersey Rock Show to give you a preview of some of the bands tearing it up this summer along the Jersey Shore.

VOLUME 5 : JUNE 2018
The Vansaders : Sunrise
Reality Suite : Cut, Burn, Bruise
The Skullers : Peace With You
Levy & The Oaks : Out Of The Blue
Frankenstein 3000 : Second Time Around
The Ones You Forgot : Here Forever
Experiment 34 : Cut The String
Dark Sky Choir : Cry For The Legions

Artwork courtesy of: Dan Marter

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Everyone has a playlist today right?... i mean, I'm not knocking it, even we have one. it's easy. you hear a song like, tap a few times on your phone and it's there to pull up anytime. They're great, but to me there's just something about it lacks substance. 

So as a throwback we've started the Ear Buds Mixtape, showcasing a few bands each month that are doing big things and we feel deserve a little more than just getting lost in the shuffle of a playlist. Each cassette will also feature artwork from a new visual artist to promote and encourage continuous creativity in all forms.