<< Rewind : 09.16.22

It's been a great week! If you must know what happened: Monday was pretty uneventful, Tuesday was alright, Wednesday was better than Tuesday, Thursday was even better than Wednesday, and Friday is just getting started but it might  just be the best day of the week! Here's a rewind rewind of some things that went down this week. 

Production Update: 

We are finishing up orders from Mid-July to early August. Anyone who purchased a custom vinyl in that time frame should expect an email with tracking information shortly. 

Farewell, for now. 😢

This is Alex's last week for a bit, he leaves this Monday for a quick run w/ his band America Part Two and Harbour. While we'll miss him while he's gone, we're excited to see what he'll be up to. Be sure to catch when they're in a town near you.

Alex's Album of the Week:

"Raw Dog Daddy.. I mean, he's name is Raw Dog Daddy... I think you know exactly what you're getting. " -Alex


Picture Day!

Big thanks to Abby Clare for stopping by on Tuesday and snapping some pics around the shop. It was hot and sweaty inside, but she was still able to work her magic and get some great shots.  




We have a backpack full of our Past Vinyl Releases waiting for YOU... even if you aren't going back to school... Details coming in Monday's Forecast.  

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