SOLD OUT: Hail the Sun's "Mind Rider" Limited Edition Lathe Cut

Vinyl collectors and fans of Hail the Sun were treated to a surprise last week with a new limited edition lathe cut vinyl with screen printed jacket. The release, created in partnership with INTHECLOUDS and Equal Vision Records, features the band's new song "Mind Rider". The limited edition lathe cut vinyl with screen printed jacket is available for purchase through Equal Vision Records' website

"We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Equal Vision Records and Hail the Sun on this limited edition vinyl release," said Ryan Vargas, Lathe Master for INTHECLOUDS. "We are proud of the quality and craftsmanship of each record and are confident that fans of Hail the Sun and vinyl collectors alike will appreciate this unique and highly collectible release."

INTHECLOUDS, a leading vinyl record manufacturer, used state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to produce 113 copies of the lathe cut vinyl which sold out almost instantly. 

The vinyl is accompanied by a screen printed jacket that features striking artwork that complements the music and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the release. The jacket and vinyl were designed in collaboration with the band and Equal Vision Records to create a product that truly represents the spirit and sound of Hail the Sun.

"Mind Rider" is a standout track praised for its driving rhythm, catchy hooks, and soaring vocal melodies. The song perfectly showcases the band's unique sound, blending progressive rock and post-hardcore elements with complex arrangements and intricate instrumentation. 

INTHECLOUDS, Equal Vision Records, and Hail the Sun have created a must-have collectible with this limited edition lathe cut vinyl. With its high-quality sound and stunning artwork, this release is sure to become a prized possession of vinyl collectors and fans of Hail the Sun for years to come. 

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