Where The FUCK Is My Order?

So you placed an order and you haven't heard anything from us in a while. Well, if you're wondering where the FUCK your order is - we've got some news for you...

We're taking steps to make sure that we're keeping you all updated on your orders and being as transparent as possible when it comes to turnaround times. The way our system is designed, you won't get a status e-mail from us after your order confirmation until your package ships. So, if you don't hear from us that's actually a GOOD thing. Because if you do, it means that there's something wrong with your order (art/audio files missing, corrupted, etc.) and it can result in a delay in production.

We've also added some staff to our customer service department, so we've got more hands on deck when it comes to answering your e-mails and providing you with updates. 

If you want to know where your order is in the queue, we're adding progress updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so keep an eye out there.

Right now we're starting to load up orders place at the beginning of December. Still working through a backlog from the holidays but we're pounding through. 

Thanks for sticking with us, kids. 

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  • There are pros and cons but overall, if you need a good record or custom MERCH, in the clouds is a good choice. I can’t argue with the fact that my order took longer than expected but the quality of the actual vinyl I ordered is very nice. While, yeah, it is the company’s responsibility to get the products out in a timely manner, you do have to cut them some slack, especially around holiday seasons. Summing it all up, my experience with intheclouds was a long but rewarding one.

    Tyger Royal on

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