I started intheclouds a little over 4 years ago with the idea of making cool vinyl for bands i give a shit about: for the people who give a shit about them too… i guess it’s like FUBU but for records… (PS… is FUBU still a thing?… I never hear anyone talk about it outside of Shark Tank)… Since then the personal collection of test presses i keep to the side has grown… i’ve even had to lie to a few people to stop the offers to purchase. well.. it’s 4 years later and I’m currently in the middle of a major project that is costing more than i initially expected… so in order to see it through, i decided to auction off my collection to ease the pain of the monetary butt f*cking i’m about to endure. the test presses are for albums both in/out of print + yet-to-be released titles with re-imagined cover art… including: (1/10) Kaddisfly : Horses Galloping on Sailboats (Unreleased) (1/5) Gay Blades : Savages (Unreleased) (1/5) Athletics : Who You Are Is Not Enough (1/5) Athletics : Why Aren’t I Home? (1/5) Owel : S/T - 2xLP (1/5) Owel : Every Good Boy (1/5) Black Jesuses : S/T (1/5) Ghost House : Sorry About Everything (1/5) Stepfriends : All We’ve Got (1/5) Toothgrinder : Vibration/Colour/Frequency (1/5) Annuals : Be He Me - 2xLP (1/5) No Machine - Vol. 1  again… these are my own personal test press copies i hope they find a good home. best of luck and thanks for your support.


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