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It's still March you guys which means we are still featuring the awesome bands featured on our Ear buds mixtape (what mixtape you ask, this one). But if you're tired of reading interviews, the guys in Sun Opus curated this sick playlist. But first, a really quick/short interview. Read on ... you can do it.

Shout out to Charlie for dealing with my ridiculous schedule to put this together.

How did you guys meet/get started?

 The three of us have have been in different bands in the Philadelphia area forever so we kinda knew of each other just from going to shows and stuff.  We all ended up in the rhythm section of the band Person L in 2006.  Brian and Ryan played drums/ percussion and I (charlie) played bass. We recorded a couple albums and toured non stop for about 4 years straight.  During that time, we really synched up and connected on another level musically.  Since then, we have been in bands and projects separately and with each other.  Some time in 2014 the three of us decided to jam as a 3 piece with Brian on guitar, me on bass, and Ryan on drums.  We didn't really have actual “songs” at first.  Just hours and hours of improv jamming.  We didn't want the project to have any rules or expectations.  We all had other things we were working on so we just got together whenever we could and let it grow and progress on its own.  After a while, we decided to take a bunch of the reoccurring jams and make a legit recording.  We locked ourselves in our friends warehouse studio for two days and came out with 7 songs. 

How long have you been making music?


Sun Opus- what’s the meaning behind the name?

A band name was pretty low on the list of priorities for this project.  Once we were done mixing the record we figured we needed a name if we were going to release it. After throwing around different ideas for a while, I (charlie) was listening to a podcast Brian does called Volcano Vinyl.  He referred to an album as a bands “sum opus” and i really liked the sound of it.  We messed around with a few different variations and landed on Sun Opus.  

 Listen to the Spotify playlist that Sun Opus created—they each chose 5-6 songs that influence their playing, tracks that remind each other of the other’s styles, and some that are just cool tunes that they have been rocking lately.  


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