New Music Monday’s: HURST “Rattle Kids”

Sydney-based indie rock band, HURST recently released this 90s-rock inspired single, “Rattle Kids” and it’s the second single to be released off their upcoming 2nd EP. 

It reminds me of back in the day when I was a complete teenage jerk, talking back to my mom, and running away from home. I imagine I would have played this song if it was available then, before going back to my Limp Bizkit and Manson. And, don’t even get me started on Linkin Park. Plus, added bonus: the track has a ton of energy and plenty of air guitar opportunities if you’re into that.

“Rattle Kids is a loud revel in abandoning that adult in your head that tells you to grow up, stay mundane and exist without really living. We grew up in suburbia. Western Sydney had nothing to offer us kids, so rather than just exist and wait until we were old enough to move away to exciting places, we spent our adolescence getting up to no good wherever we could. This video pays homage to our youth that doesn’t end as the years go.”

Watch the video below: 


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