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October has been the f*cking longest month. So in honor of it ending, we are serving up some sounds for this last day (if you've just gotten home from trick or treating, you'll really appreciate this). Check out some artists/bands that we've been listening to this month (some new stuff, some old stuff).

Sit back and take the edge off ...

DanBilmuri : Banana

"I originally thought it was just an awesome band name when I listened to his last album Jaguar Shark, turns out the music matches. Bilmuri is a project from one of the ex-members of Attack Attack! Each song on Banana has a diverse sound, some weird as shit artwork, and left me wanting to hear more."  

Other Earwaves:

Kevin- Angel Vivaldi: Synapse

"I've been following Angel Vivaldi since sometime in 2010 after he picked up former Mutiny Within drummer Bill Fore. The guy can shred. His latest album Synapse dropped earlier this month and it’s self-released like his other albums. He doesn’t seem to be into the idea of traditional record labels. Universal Language is still my favorite album from Vivaldi and as a 4 song EP it’s more digestible for an average listener, but if you are into the prog-djent scene this will be up your alley. It’s 30 mins full of sweeps, squeals, chugging, and arpeggios."



Nunzio- Movements: Feel Something

"The SoCal quartet Movements released this debut LP in October via Fearless Records. It rocks, so check it out."



Other Earwaves:

Kristyn- Romare: Love Songs: Part Two

"I discovered Romare over the summer and lately I can't get enough of his tracks. He's this sick UK producer, and his tracks are like sex on the dancefloor while wearing silver platform heels and a disco ball spinning overhead ... maybe with a little glitter falling down. His tracks make me feel good (and kind of hip) and I find myself playing his stuff more than any other artists lately."


Other Earwaves:

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