Earbuds: Show Review "Termination Dust"

Review and illustration by Von Ecker.

Brooklyn received a taste and vibe of the last frontier with the sounds of Alaska’s Termination Dust, and as I sit typing out this review my ears are still ringing with joy.

Currently on tour opening up for the indie rockers Modest Mouse, and fresh off a show in Akron, Ohio. Termination Dust has assembled a sprinkling of intimate DIY shows across the country during the tour, which is what led us to Bushwick’s Public House to see the Dream Pop band in action.

Dream Pop as a genre is new to me, and if it’s new to you I’ll do my best to describe it for you. Imagine, if you will, listening to indie rock while huffing rubber cement, without the side effects of losing brain cells and your self respect. Or if that situation is a little too seedy for you, how bout taking a bath listening to indie jams while you're underwater. The sound just has this nice subtle, fuzzy nostalgic distance to it that I really enjoy.

During the Termination Dust set, they jammed out to their songs “Clutter”, “White Walls” and “Spring Break Up”  which transported me back to high school and the heartache of relationships that got away. The band really translates their sound amazingly live. Lets face it, nothing is worse than getting pumped up to see a band live after falling in love with their music, and discovering they sound nothing like their album. It’s the music equivalent of a Tinder date gone bad.

Another thing that I appreciated about the band is that they convey such a positive message, which is something that is definitely needed in music and culture today. Even while dealing with heavy subjects as depression, love lost, and the trials of life, their music still echoes hope. The band are also huge advocates of body positivity, and making sure that everyone sees the beauty in themselves. So in this world that sometimes feels like it’s slipping back into the dark ages, it feels good knowing there are bands like Termination Dust bringing us back towards the light.

Termination Dust is back playing with Modest Mouse and touring the lower 48 states until October 21st. Be sure to check them out next time they roll through and play at a venue near you.

Remaining tour dates below:

October 3

Pittsburgh, PA at Mr. Roboto

October 4

Columbus, OH at Bourbon Street

October 5

DeKalb, IL at 7th Street Space

October 6

Iowa City, IA at Public Space One

October 7

Minneapolis, MN at Hi-Watt House

October 16

Norfolk, VA at Chrysler Hall

(W/Modest Mouse)

October 17

Columbia, SC at Township Auditorium

(W/Modest Mouse)

October 19

Bloomington, IN at IU Auditorium

(W/Modest Mouse)

October 20

Springfield, MO at Shrine Mosque

(W/Modest Mouse)

October 21

Wichita, KS at The Cotillion

(W/Modest Mouse)


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This article was originally published on Left Bank Magazine.


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