New Compilation Release from The Co-Op Communique

Hey guys, happy weekend! So we got this new compilation on our radar and wanted to share it, to help them get the word out and because a few New Jersey artists that we dig are on the mix. 


You’ve got 55 artists to discover on The Co-Op Communique Volume 4, across a range of genres. I've heard some folk, punk, 80's inspired indie pop, etc. And it's a free download, which, nothing beats free.


"The primary conceptual driver of the Co-Op project is the notion a rising tide lifts all boats. We intentionally went farther than ever before to get a few more recognizable names as well as artists in their first few years of their careers. They are all independent, but each has varying sizes of fan bases. The Co-Op Communique is an opportunity to cross-pollinate and to be heard where, otherwise, they might not." Founder, Dw. Dunphy.


I also like that they don’t charge the artists to be on it or charge purchasers to download, which brings back a certain purity to music sharing and discovery.



If you're interested in submitting music for future editions of The Co-Op Communique, email Dw. Dunphy (dw.dunphy@gmail.comwith the subject line "Co-Op Series."


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