News 12 New Jersey Features Our Studio's Vinyl Magic!

Well, folks, gather 'round and put on your best "I told you so" faces because INTHECLOUDS is officially on the path to global media domination. That's right, we've taken our first step in the world of television, and let me tell you, Rupert Murdoch better watch out.

News 12 New Jersey featured our studio this week. Brian Donahue, the fearless reporter, graced us with his presence to re-record a mind-blowing song in our studio. But hold on, it gets better. He got to witness the magical process of cutting it into a vinyl record. And let me tell you, that's about as magical as a unicorn riding a rainbow in a thunderstorm.

Having Brian in our studio was an absolute delight, and we couldn't be more thrilled to grace the screens of New Jersey television. We're talking about a true Jersey institution here, for you out-of-town-ers.

If you were living under a rock and want to see the entire segment, you can click the link below. Brace yourselves for the artistry and passion that goes into crafting these timeless vinyl records. It's almost like we're taking over, one spin at a time. Watch out, world – INTHECLOUDS is coming for ya! 🌪️🎶

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