Making the Most of Your New Store: PRE-ORDERS

With new stores rolling out over each day we thought we would offer a few tips on how to use the service to your advantage for anyone considering.


Art templates are available: HERE - While the Membership plan does not officially activate until the store is officially launched, for anyone looking for a quick turnaround having the files setup and ready to go before signing up for the service will help expedite your store’s setup.

What we’ll need:

  • Artist Promo Pic
  • Short Artist Bio / Social Links
  • Center Label template
  • Jacket Template
  • Additional Hi-res Logos / designs for prints & apparel


Creating a pre-order is completely optional, but we highly recommend it to those who sign up for our Create-A-Store program. Even if you are just interested in releasing albums that have already been available in other formats, you can still set these up for the vinyl release. Here are some key benefits to creating a pre-order.

Key Benefits:

  • Your pre-orders will give our system a good idea of how your product will sell, therefore letting fans avoid dreaded delays with shipping.
  • Allows for more time to educate your fans on the uniqueness of each record. Lathe Cuts are made 1-by-1, which essentially making each record 1 of a kind and highly collectible for fans.
  • Pre-orders build anticipation toward launch day. Giving fans a chance to purchase before release is key for creating momentum right out of the gate. Rather than one single sales spike on or around launch day, pre-orders allow for lots of mini spikes leading up to the day.
  • You can choose to offer your fans Instant Grat tracks from the album delivered immediately to fans who purchase the pre-order.

Remember, as part of your membership you also receive a free sample lathe cut. Setting up pre-orders allows more time for these to be created and send prior to the store launching so you can use it to help build awareness to fans on your socials, or partnering with a blog/website for contesting. If you’re new to the game or need help getting the creative juices flowing, check out our ARTIST SERVICES page or contact for more ways on how we can help you get the most of of your store.

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