High Quality | No Minimum | Quick Turnaround

For years we’ve been making limited edition lathe cut records for our artists and now we are offering this same service to everyone! It’s never been easier to get your music cut to vinyl without over ordering what you need just to meet manufacturer minimums… then waiting their long turnaround times, just to end up sitting on extra inventory.  Our Lathe Cut Records are ideal for limited releases – Simply order what you need!


We offer Lathe Cuts in 4 different sizes to fit the duration of your Album or Single. 
For quantities between 1-50, Lathe Cuts are the best option. If you need more please Contact Us.



Max Time Per Side
33 RPM:  18 Mins
45 RPM:  15 Mins



Max Time Per Side
33 RPM:  12 Mins
45 RPM:  9 Mins


7" Lathe Cut Record

Max Time Per Side
33 RPM:  7 Mins
45 RPM:  4 Mins


5" Lathe Cut Record

Max Time Per Side
33 RPM:  2 Mins
45 RPM:  1 Min

Frequently Asked Question

What makes lathe cut records special?

Lathe cuts are created with a completely different process than vinyl from a pressing plant. Each record is hand cut and made in real–time, no two pieces are exactly alike, making these highly collectible and customizable for fans. The sound of our lathe cuts are comparable in quality and durability to pressed vinyl, though due to the process they are created there are slight limitations and variations. However, we approach each release with a fresh set of ears and dial in the settings of the machine to optimize the final sound you get back of your recording.

What's included with my orders?

Our records come standard as a round, black, 1.5mm vinyl with blank white center labels in a white protective sleeve. Your order can be upgraded to include full color Record Jackets, Printed Center labels, or Clear colored vinyl.

What's your turnaround time?

We’re currently running at a 2-3 week turnaround. However, I’m a firm believer that nothing is impossible, and money talks… if you need something sooner let us know, rush fees will apply.

What does "Cut in Real-Time" mean?

Check your watch… if you have a 20 min album, we actually sit there for 20+ mins setting up and listening to each record to make sure they come out correctly… the more records you order, the more times we listen to your album.

Are the records cut in stereo?


33 or 45 RPM?

We can do both… however, 45 RPM will decrease the amount of music that can fit per side.

Where'd you get this thing?

Germany… I had to fly out and take a class with the guy who built it in order to even be able to purchase one. It was a crazy story. Buy me a drink, maybe I’ll tell you one day.

How should I prep my audio?

Every recording is different and brings a different set of challenges when cutting. But basically you put good in, you get good out.. If you have access to a studio and mixing for this particularly, try to mix all low end frequencies in the center of the stereo image and keep high frequencies around 5 Khz. If all you have is MP3 or WAV, that’s cool too. We do our best to work with whatever you have… I mean I once signed a band after sending them a copy of their song cut from a youtube video playing out the headphone jack of my iPhone… nothing is impossible.

Will you cut anything on vinyl?

Look, you gotta own the rights to the songs or have permission to make a copy in order for us to cut it. If it's your friends' band and you want to surprise them with a few copies as a gift, I'm cool with that... but if you're looking for us to make a copy of some out of press album that is selling for $300 on eBay, that's not cool.